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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! It seems like just yesterday when we were wrapping up the end of last school year, celebrating student graduations and talking about student successes. We are excited as we move forward to see what students will be able to achieve this year. Our mission, "Where learning is valued and excellence is the standard" is focused on the success of ALL students. We want to welcome the families of students to participate in activities and become part of our school culture.

We are into full swing with our fall activities including Cheer, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball. We have been able to see the Band and Colorguard perform, and student groups like the Reading Club, Student Council, Freshmen Mentors and others are gearing up for the year. MCHS is a place where students can be involved in one or more of many opportunities. We urge students to become involved in our school; there is something for everyone!

We begin the year with another opportunity for students. All students, regardless of their primary language, may now qualify for a Seal of Biliteracy when they graduate based on evidence of language proficiency. Students who have taken a language course and fulfill the State determined criteria will be recognized at graduation and receive a seal on their diploma and transcript to designate their accomplishment.

There are also some new and exciting opportunities for students in our Career and Technical Education programs, with a new CNC mill and a laser engraver adding to our existing 3D printers in the Engineering and Manufacturing program. This has been made possible through grant programs this year and prior years to help modernize and boost student interest in engineering fields. Computer aided design and manufacturing is not only common today in industry, it is essential. We are looking forward to seeing what our students can learn and achieve with these resources.

I want to thank all the staff that worked throughout the summer to plan for the year, especially the maintenance staff that had added challenges with all the rain and unpredictable weather this spring and summer. Between their efforts, the summer cleaning crew, secretaries, IT and administration we are off to a great start. The teachers are back to classroom activities and the bus drivers are back on the road. We are excited to see everyone active and ready to help every student strive for success in high school and future years.

The teachers and staff at MCHS are committed to establishing and maintaining a learning environment "Where learning is valued and excellence is the standard." Have a great school year!